Behavioural Code and Ethics

We have organised the Australasian Ornithological Conference (AOC) to engender and promote a welcoming environment that is collaborative, supportive and engaging for everyone involved. We hope that it is a space where there are opportunities to share, develop and broaden viewpoints in a safe and inclusive environment.

We celebrate diversity in all its forms and expect that all our participants are respectful and considerate of each other, that they provide supportive critique, and embrace the multitude of opinions that are on offer.

If you have any concerns or feel that any participant of an event has breached this code, or have suggestions for how we can make our events more inclusive and productive, please contact any of the AOC volunteers, BirdLife Australia staff or Birds NZ staff.

During an event, please report any incident as soon as you feel able, to allow us to act upon your concerns. Any reports will be handled in confidence. Your primary contacts for any issues that may arise during this conference are:

Monica Awasthy (

Courtney Melton (